Xperio UV™ Sun Lenses

Not all sun lenses are created equal

There's a better way to see the world. Xperio UV™ polarized prescription sun lenses eliminate blinding glare so you can see the outside world with sharper color and greater depth. Damaging UV radiation can reach your eyes from both the front and back sides of your lenses. Xperio UV™ lenses help protect your eyes from these dangerous rays.

Xperio UV™ lenses are specially designed for sunglasses and will protect in three key areas:

  • The Most Complete Lens Protection: Xperio UV™ is the most scratch resistant, smudge resistant, easy to clean sun lens available.
  • The Most Complete Glare Reduction:  Provides clearer and more comfortable outdoor vision by eliminating 99% of visible glare and reflections.
  • The Most Complete UV Protection:  Ordinary sun lenses don't properly protect your eyes from UV light reflecting off the sides and back of the lens.  Xperio UV™ protects against both UV transmission AND reflections, providing the most complete UV protection.

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