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*NEW* RE Ranger RIACT A.I.™ Individual Lenses (One pair included-NO FRAME INCLUDED))

Designer: Ann's Eyewear Boutique

$ 249.00
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Includes one pair of RIACT A.I.™ lenses-Styles available are Falcon Pro, Ranger Edge, and Ranger Classic.

RIACT Like Never Before: RE Ranger RIACT A.I.™ low light, mid-light, and bright light lenses were crafted so you can see faster, see further, and see with precision in all lighting conditions and environments.  All RIACT A.I.™ lenses are AR coated and are crafted from RE Ranger's all-new HD Fusionate materials.

RIACT A.I.™ Bright Light - For bright light conditions, keeps colors natural, highlights orange. LT - 32%.
RIACT A.I.™ Mid-Light - For medium light, partly sunny conditions, keeps colors natural, highlights orange. LT - 52%.
RIACT A.I.™ Low Light - For low light, boosts color in overcast lighting, reduces Purkinje effect, highlights orange. LT - 82%.