Malagasy Market

For a real adventure, we headed to the southeast, where Madagascar is at its most wild and real. Travel here is rough, and takes a lot of time and patience – roads are often nothing more than dirt tracks, and tourism facilities are pretty nonexistent. But the area is rich in history, and steeped with legends of shipwrecked sailors, rogue spice traders and colonies of pirates. 

Driving through Madagascar we encountered many stalls and markets where Zebu cattle were being sold. We've been eating a lot of Zebu steak, so chicken for dinner was a nice treat!

We also drove by the rice fields of Madagascar.  So strange to move from one ecosystem to another, but part of what makes the island of Madagascar so unique!

Zebu Cattle

Zebu Cattle Sale

Meat Market

Chickens for sale in market...


More dinner

Men and women working the rice fields...

Chicken for dinner!

Fresh fruit served in Creme de Mint...