Ranomafana National Park

Ranomafana (which means “hot water” in Malagasy) is doubtless one the most spectacular National Parks of Madagascar. Due to the good access, great biodiversity, and developed infrastructures, it has become one of the most visited places of the island. Established in 1991, it expands over a mountainous terrain of 415 km² totally covered by dense, moist, primary and secondary forest at altitudes between 800m and 1.200m. The park contains twelve lemur species, 7 species of tenrecs, a variety of bats, mongoose, and multiple carnivores, like the Malagasy striped civet. In 1986 the critically endangered golden bamboo lemur was discovered here by Dr. Patricia Wright, a fact that pushed the government to create a national park to protect the species.

Valley just before our second hotel at the park

All of the species of lemurs that live in the area

Brown Foreheaded Lemur

Santa Claus Ruffled Lemur

The forest

Cute Chameleon!

Forest Cactus

Ann by the river


Adorable Mongoose...

Conference room in Patricia Wright's research facility, a woman I admire very much!