Be Daring in your Eyewear

Ann's Eyewear Boutique is located in the heart of Twin Falls, Idaho.

Ann travels the world to find the most unique and high quality frames available; ranging from artistic, eye-catching eyewear to simple, elegant styles. She is an expert in face shape and color analysis, customized lenses, and optical adjustments.  Ann hand-selects eyewear that will highlight your personality, individual style, and give you the best vision possible.

Providing unbeatable customer service, the boutique is a warm, friendly environment where clients are close friends, and are pampered from the moment they walk in.  Whether you need a new look, lenses, an adjustment, or a moment to sit down and relax, Ann's Eyewear Boutique is here for you.

"We serve you like royalty with warm and personalized attention..." -Ann's Service Promise

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